The University of South Africa offers the following three postgraduate studies:


1Bachelor of Theology Honours (BTh Hons)

At Unisa the BTh Honours is the first degree following the Bachelor Degree, thus it corresponds to the “fourth year of study”. You have to choose one out of nine theological disciplines.
The GBFE colleges offer different academic programmes on Honours level as a part-time study programme. Depending on the major subject chosen, you can take minor subjects at other GBFE colleges, and thus combine a variety of disciplines.
Alternatively, you can enrol at Unisa for the BTh Hons and take 50% of the courses with GBFE.

2Master of Arts (MA) / Theology (MTh)

After completing the postgraduate programme at GBFE you can apply for the Master’s Programme at Unisa in the respective discipline. The Master’s dissertation is pure research work (about 150 pages). The Master’s students are supervised by a professor of Unisa and possibly a co-supervisor. In most cases the Master’s dissertation can be written in the student’s own mother tongue.
Graduates with a Bachelor in a non-theological discipline additionally have to do the ‘Theological Foundation Programme’ at GBFE (see next page). For further information please contact the Dean of GBFE or the Dean of the GBFE-college where you want to study.

3Doctor of Literature and Philosophy (DLitt et Phil) / Doctor of Theology (PhD)

The doctoral programme comprises a large research work (at least 250 pages) and requires a Master’s Degree in the same specialization. The doctoral
students are enrolled directly at Unisa and will usually be supervised by a Unisa professor and possibly a co-supervisor.

All degrees are research-led. The respective topics have to be approved by the senate of Unisa. Only then can registration follow.

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