What do you understand by M&D Seminars?

GBFE regularly organizes Master and Doctoral seminars (M&D seminars) in Europe for all students. Professors from Unisa attend every M&D seminar, giving lectures and offering counselling interviews to students, thus saving the students high travel expenses to South Africa.

Since all Master and Doctoral students have to give a progress report of their research project at least every second year, they are provided with the opportunity to get useful feedback from fellow students and tutors.

One of the highlights of the seminar is the yearly GBFE-graduation ceremony where the graduates are honored for their MTh and DTh theses completed at Unisa or for internal degrees of one of the GBFE colleges. The celebration ends with a festive buffet to which all graduates are invited with their families and guests.

For those who are interested in Master and Doctoral studies the M&D week is a good opportunity to get more information about Unisa and GBFE.

The next M&D seminar will take place:

  • 19th-21. March 013 (Bienenberg)
  • On March 18th, 2013, Dr. Bernhard Ott offers a Proposal Writing Course. Location: Bienenberg

You can find selected talks of Unisa professors from the the M&D seminars in the “M&D-Seminars” download area.

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