How do I apply?



  1. You can find the detailled description of the application and registration process and a list of the application documents which have to be submitted in our GBFE manual GBFE-Handbuch “Application and registration process”. The listing of all needed documents is also on the check list “Application documents”.
  2. All applications for  Honours BTh-, MTh- and PhD-Studies at Unisa have to be submitted via GBFE (PhD) or rather via the respective GBFE institute (Honours BTh and MTh).
    • The application process at Unisa consists of two steps: (1) Application for a temporary student number and (2) submission of your application documents. Both steps can only be done in the annual application period (see below) between 1st August and 15th October.
    • At the first step of application (Apply for a student number), the GBFE office will apply for a temporary student number for the applicant. In order to do so, the GBFE office needs the completed appendix 1 of the GBFE manual. If possible, you can already send your academic certificates, curriculum vitae and a copy of your proof of identity to the GBFE-office (cf. step 2). The GBFE office will then apply online for the student number , transfer the one-time registration fee of 40,00 € for the application of the student number to Unisa and charge the registration fee to the applicant.
    • At the second step of application (Apply for Admission), all application documents have to be uploaded online as PDF files into the Unisa-system. This will also be done by the GBFE office. The applicant has to send in all documents to be certified (certificates and a copy of your proof of identity) via mail to the GBFE office. The personal data-sheet can be submitted as PDF file to the GBFE office via e-mail. The GBFE office will then certify the documents, compile PDF files of the documents and upload them into the Unisa-system for further processing.
    • After Unisa has processed the application and accepted the applicant for his/her chosen programme, registration will follow..
      • First, the applicant will be registered for the research-module
      • After a proposal has been written and accepted by the respective department, the applicant will be registered for the actual MTh/PhD-thesis.
    • Applications for the MTh and the Honours BTh-programmes are to be submitted to the respective GBFE member colleges.
    • Applications for the PhD programme are to be directly sent to the GBFE office.
  3. Consulting and information (cost, requirements for the studies, course of study and so on)
    • If you already know in which field of study you want to do your research, the consulting for the MTh studies will be carried out by the GBFE member colleges. If you are still uncertain concerning your field of study, you can get advice in an initial interview with the GBFE dean of study, Prof. Dr. Volker Kessler. The responsible persons for the MTh programmes at the colleges are listed under the heading “GBFE colleges”. You will get information on the tuition fees, the application process and the course of study at the respective colleges or rather from the responsible persons of the MTh programmes.
    • The consulting for the PhD studies will be done by the GBFE dean of study Prof. Dr. Volker Kessler. The administrative support during the application process and during your studies will be given by the GBFE office (Arthur Rempel)


  1. The application process at GBFE: As explained above, the application and registration documents required by Unisa are to be submitted either to the GBFE college (Honours BTh, MTh) or directly to GBFE (PhD), where the applications will be considered and forwarded to Unisa. Please note that both the last certificate (relevant to the application) and the proposal have to be submitted in English. You will find a list of translators in the download area.
  2. The application and registration process at Unisa:
    After receiving the application, the administration office of Unisa will first of all check it for completeness and for the qualification of the applicant. Next, the respective department will check the application and recommend the registration for the research module. During this module, the student has a period of 7-10 months (starting from his date of registration) to write the proposal and have it reviewed by the department. (Please note: You should calculate about 2 months for the review of the proposal). The proposal has to be accepted by the respective department not later than November 30th. Otherwise, the registration will have to be renewed). Only after the proposal has been approved by the department, will the second step of registration (matriculation) for the actual MTh or PhD thesis follow and a supervisor be appointed.


  1. The academic study year at Unisa starts at January 1 and ends on December 31.
  2. The application processing time before the registration varies. In most cases, it takes at least 3 months. In some cases (e.g. if the application documents are incomplete or deficient, etc.) the application process can take up to 6 months. When planning the time needed for the application process please note that Unisa has a long holiday break from between aprox. midst of November till the end of January.
  3. Application and registration periods for the academic year 2017 (see also Unisa Homepage)
    • Application period for the study year 2017: 1st of Aug to 15th of Oct 2016. (The GBFE office has to have received the documents by Oct 3rd 2016).
    • Registration period for the study year 2017: 27 of Nov 2016 to 15th of March 2017. (The applicant or the college has to have given written instruction to the GBFE office that the registration is to be accomplished by March 5, 2017).

Any further questions?
Please ask the GBFE office.

Study fees

Theological Foundations Programme

The study fee for the courses  Theological Foundations Programme is 80,00€ per credit. See also Flyer.

Unisa application fee

Applicants for the Hons BTh-, MTh- und PhD degrees need first to apply for a student number before submitting the application documents. GBFE will apply for the student number and will charge the student an applicaiton fee of 40,00 €. The payment of the fee to Unisa will be done by GBFE .

Hons BTH Programme

The study fee for the Honours BTh courses are to be asked for at the GBFE office.

Research Module (RM)

Since 2011 all MTh- und PhD students need first to finish a research proposal which needs to be accepted by Unisa before being allowed to register for the MTh dissertation and PhD thesis. The study fee for the RM needs to be requested from the respective GBFE institute. PhD applicants pay for the RM 1.400,00€ (in 2017).

MTh Programme
  • The application and study fee for the MTh programme needs to be requested from the respective GBFE institute.
  • The study fee for the MTh programme ist to be paid annually with the every registration.
  • Unisa offers bursaries for postgraduate research degrees. Information are offered on the Unisa website (see myunisa portal)
  • The study fee for the PhD programe for the academic year 2017: 3.800,00 €.
  • Applicants from Non-European countries (applicants from Eastern-European countries are excluded) have to pay additionally to the yearly study fee a foreign levy of 1.000,00 €.
  • The study fee for the PhD programme is to be paid annually with every registration.
  • The fee for the annual GBFE M&D seminar is inculded in the annual study fee.
  • Unisa offers bursaries for postgraduate research degrees. Information are offered on the Unisa website (see myunisa portal)
  • More information in regard to the study fees are to be requested from the GBFE office.


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