The registered Association for Education and Research in Europe – abbreviated GBFE – is an internationally and interculturally oriented network of Christian educational institutions.

GBFE promotes international studies and research projects in the fields of culture, religion, theology and community. It cooperates with international educational institutions.
Students are given tutorial support and administrative aid on location.

GBFE is directed by an Executive Committee under the presidency of Prof. Dr. Johannes Reimer.

An Academic Board under the leadership of the dean, Prof. Dr. Volker Kessler, is responsible for all issues related to academics in the GBFE-network. These include the development of new courses, quality control, acceptance criteria for students and contact to the people in charge of the respective disciplines at Unisa.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected by the GBFE-association members for a duration of four years. All leadership is incumbent upon the Executive Board. The GBFE Executive Board manages the ongoing business on behalf of, and in terms of the policy of the GBFE network.
The Board meets several times a year (as needed) under the leadership of the chairman.

Presently (legislative period 2010-2014), the Executive Board consists of the following six people:

Prof. Dr. Johannes Reimer
Year of Birth: 1955
Personal status: married
Children: three
Position: 1. Chairman

Prof. Dr. Volker Kessler

Year of Birth: 1962
Personal status: married
Children: four
Position: Dean of studies, Assisting Chairman

Dr. Fritz Peyer-Müller
Year of Birth: 1952
Personal status: married
Children: one
Position: Member of the Board

Prof. Christoph Stenschke
Year of Birth: 1966
Personal status: married
Children: two
Position: Member of the Board

Arthur Rempel
Year of Birth: 1969
Personal status: married
Children: three
Position: Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Tobias Faix
Year of Birth: 1969
Personal status: married
Children: two
Position: Member of the Board


College Management Committee

What is the task of the GBFE College Management Committee?

The GBFE College Management Committe directs the GBFE – Network

  • Each college with full membership is represented in the GBFE College Mangagement Committee by a designated person and has a vote.
  • Those who hold a leading staff function automatically belong to the GBFE College Management Committee on behalf of their position.
  • The GBFE College Management Committee meets twice a year: 1. At a spring conference (2-3 days), 2) 1 day in late autumn.
  • Representatives of the GBFE-colleges without full membership are allowed to participate in the meetings of the GBFE College Management Committee, unless otherwise agreed. They do not have a right to vote.

Who are the Members of the College Management Committee?

Presently (February 2010) the GBFE College Management Committee consists of the following persons:

Membership Colleges: 

  1. The Academy for Christian Leadership (AcF)
    GBFE-representative: Prof. Dr. Volker Kessler (additional function: GBFE dean of study)
  2. Biblisch- Theologische Akademie Wiedenest (BTA)
    GBFE-representative: Prof. Dr. Christoph Stenschke
  3. Institut für Gemeindebau und Weltmission (IGW)
    GBFE-representative: Dr. Fritz Peyer
  4. Marburger Bildungs- und Studienzentrum (MBS)
    GBFE-representative: Dr. Tobias Faix
  5. Theologisches Seminar Adelshofen (TSA)
    GBFE-representative: Dr. Manfred Baumert
  6. Theologisches Seminar Bienenberg (TSB)
    GBFE Vertreter: Frieder Boller
  7. Theologisches Seminar Rheinland (TSR)
    GBFE-representative: Dr. Hans-Georg Wünch
  8. herapeutic Counselling (TS)
    GBFE-representative: Dr. Michael Hübner

List of individual persons (holder of staff functions))

  1. Prof. Dr. Johannes Reimer: Chairman
  2. Arthur Rempel: Chief Executive Officer
  3. Dr. Christof Sauer: Academic Liaison Officer
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